Drink the Brine, Get Scarce

by Alpha Strategy

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released March 7, 2016

Rory Hinchey - Vocals, Additional Guitar
James McAdams - Guitar
Ben O'Brien - Bass
Evan Sidawi - Drums

All music by Alpha Strategy, 2015-6.
Lyrics by Rory Hinchey.
Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago, February 2016.
Sleeve art collage by Rory Hinchey, images sourced from Romanian communist-era safety posters.


all rights reserved



Alpha Strategy Prague, Czechia

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Track Name: All the Rest
Can you repeat that word
I'll never ask again
Hand on my heart
If only to wipe off one sweaty palm
Nod or use fingers
Indicate numeric amounts
Where to apply, what's the procedure
But they ask the questions here
"What was licking that cold hand?"
And I know 'cause I was that dog
Raglan coat and a pair of overshoes
Shamed face blistering red
As long as words haven't changed their meanings
This isn't very good at all
And the message rings out loudly with all the rest
In spite of my best intent, my never knowing what was best
I never know what is best
Hold on, hold on, none of this is finished
Doesn't matter if every time's the same
Beat the walls, huddle in some corner
Ruin my drive or tarnish my name
Many others would surely agree
What's common to all my problems is me
Track Name: Fields
There by the tire fire
Ten feet tall
Hold the pressure points
Little licking lips
Wake up and it's grown cold
All the tarnished glass
Picking out of teeth
Don't look you won't know
Down into the grassy clearing
Figured someone would
Hold the pressure points
Lick little lips
Well past redemption's fold
Or to feel the bumps on the floor
Don't look, you won't know
Track Name: Path
In a photograph from back then
You wore a smile as big as the sun
Tried and tried laughing through an afternoon
And although your loneliness
Did not implore my sympathy
Ya still had it in ya
To pull the good ol' switcheroo
There were two small iron bridges
Near that path upon which you stood way back when
You looked a whole lot healthier then
Track Name: Letná Hill
Set off into the empty airport
A red flash in my eye's corner marks the glass
With a nose, lips, and two hands imprinted
Positioned in such a way
Between number B and letter 6
A Letná Hill grey February afternoon
Yeah who am I to yearn
I always know what to do
Though I'm let down when it's done
Yesterday or tomorrow
There'll be fragments
Prepared and well dried
Like seeing something of extreme beauty
And understanding you'll probably never see it again
"Where do you want to go?"
Track Name: I Can Read
She'll emit a rhythm to pierce my fragile heart
Will it go on to pound another day
Or shall I yank it out and toss it on the floor
Sloven and slattern, splendid and stately
And always filled with a vinaceous unease
A vinaceous unease!
Fanning blasted calamity
As far as teary eyes can see
Write to me, I can read
And before the passion withers, let me drown it
You often told me you'd give me all I need
You say I'm lost, I disagree
I packed it in without a fuss
Even when carrying obligations
Happiness can bring
We watch the passing parade
It doesn't mean a thing
Track Name: Hammer
With the swaying boundaries of those thoughts
Or in words I see or hear
Push me off this crummy train
I won't interfere
The wind blew and shut the door
Then ran on down the road
Take a hammer she said
There'll come a day to forget
Save yourself the trouble dear
We've got excuses to spare
Nothing relevant today
Moves in the same old way
Swing low towards the ground
I'll play the fish still flopping around
Take a hammer she said
There will come a day to resent it yet
Track Name: Snares and Nets
I slip on rocks
She's got sauce
Lots of history down here you think
Rut roads, rusting mailboxes
How the stagnant ponds stink
Throw an egg out the window
Smash my head off the floor
But for all of that, never having passed through
This township before
She's asking me if I wanna make small talk
Clothes so damp my skin's falling off
She punched with fistfuls of fun
Couldn't deflect any decent amount
To Kill time between love
Those snares and nets
Mine to surmount
The sound of her feet across the concrete floor
Giving me flowers
Saying I'm an effective urinator
From appetite to disgust and disgust to appetite
I suppose the time has come
I hear the knock
Too late to run
Blood on the sheets
And now that I'm here all the time
The friendly stuff is getting rough
Track Name: Angry Letter Pen
Some congregate
Some can be so small
Some will have their choice
In and out they all can run
Hey hey hey hey
Throw a sheet on over me
By now all interests should have been lost
Throw a sheet on over me
Surely there is no opportunity cost
Boiling water voice says
How are ya how are ya how are ya
Lemme shake ya hand lemme shake ya hand
But it's too many or it's not enough
And there are some real important standards to meet
Don a mask for an expression
Grab the uninsulated handle
In the floor, pace a depression
Or use the angry letter pen
Track Name: Little Shoulder
Maybe stuck's not the right word
I heard so-and-so is still in town
And my friends at the Cat & Mouse
Will buy me a drink if I come around
I still recall her gentle sigh
Saying wake up, the sun is up high
Like a happy and sad song rolled into one
Old boy sweating through his good suit
Sarcastic whistling filling the room
Still he tells me the point is moot
'Cause once she'd run down all smiles
From the top of the stairs
But what happens if you don't miss someone
When they're not there
Last night he slept under a plywood sheet
Leaned it against a fence
Tonight the strands of her long hair
Would float to the floor while she danced
What's one more grain of sand in a desert of regret
Find a garbage bag, wrap yourself up
Take the next bus home
I'll carry on, it's all the way in
Wish me luck buckaroo
It's looking real grim
Little shoulder in the palm of my hand
Her presence alone bored me to no end
Through what may come, by and by
I'll think of her saying
Wake up the sun is up high
Track Name: Forgotten Food
Stumbling like a friggin' lout
Perhaps the trash could be so kind
As to take itself out
Three slow knocks
Might get you in for free
Ice is the forgotten food
Though one can act so cool
Sometimes the sound of his own piss
Can still seem to laugh him out of the room
Three slow knocks
Might get you in for free
Ice is the forgotten food
Though not forgotten by me
Guck slow gunk silt goop sand
Everything you had to give
Always pretty bad
Track Name: Grasshopper
Soot stains
And sun burnt skin
Trying to make things seem more fun than they are
Gotta get a good go on
"I deserve as much as I want"
Did he sneak in, had he snuck in?
Throwing valuable goods out my back door
Gonna steal the grin off every glaring face
Hero/victim can't be blamed
Letting thoughts pour out like a decompressing hose
Gonna start the international brotherhood of members
Says he's really digging scat
And he don't mean the singing
Gotta watch yourself down here
There be a lot of rotten people around here
Track Name: Our Love
Wearing your boots
And your belted dress
Kiss after kiss it's senseless
When all's a-glitter with luxury and light
That's our love
Squeezing things out from my skin
Having the soap fill the holes in
High cheekbones like a brick to my head
And the heels of your shoes tear holes in the bed
Smoke, flames and the evening sky
That's our love
Love her, leave her behind
Find another, love her and leave her too
Better go on somewhere else, or I'll go and leave you

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