The Gurgler

by Alpha Strategy

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released August 31, 2018

All music by Alpha Strategy 2017-8, including Ben O'Brien on 1-3, 5

Rory Hinchey: Vocal accompaniment, lyrical composition
James McAdams: Six string electric guitar
Evan Sidawi: Four piece drum kit
Dan Edwards: Four string bass guitar

Recorded at Electrical Audio, Studio B, March 2018
Engineered and mixed by Steve Albini
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Services
Artwork by Graham Lambkin

Released by Antena Krzyku


all rights reserved



Alpha Strategy Prague, Czechia

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Track Name: I Smell Like a Wet Tent
Alas I hear the tone of the witless aside
Whispers are liquid onto porcelain
And hardly enough to warrant a reply
Unlimited options a thing of beauty
Nay nay nay nay
Despite the warmth
Unique to the east
I smell like a went tent
The terms of procurement
Upon which requisition is aleak
I send all my faith and love
Please carry it along
Saying nothing of the flies in my mouth
But kudos to those who'd
Keep to their own campfire
Track Name: Save Us Neris
Granted the choice
To the Neris he'd go
Back to surface twice
Three scours between ice floes
Basin beloved, bits are battered
Decanter's dearest deep fried fragments
Spread 'em out for Sunday supper
Like blazes, the first chance he gets
He's gonna run on straight out to the wine press
Right eye to tasks grievous to be borne
Left to languid loam
A rub of the cloth fails to redress
Asked if his thoughts were profound
Or if he thought of nothing at all
Let it plunge down and save us
Arrogantly telling me
He's got this oral business licked
Some of these processes could persist
Amongst old piles of magazines
With leaves that had blown in
Or next door at the gas station
Where self-serving acts meet with felicitation
Track Name: Pissed Out the Fire
It's hard to say
Why they smiled when he arrived
The yoke of his infractions
Now wreathed around his neck
Pinned down in the same clothes
He's worn for a week
Wilted charisma
And a fire upon which he'd pissed
Sat before the door
Show me to the lane
If you could, if you will
They broke my teeth with large stones
They trimmed my toenails back to the bone
I accept the implications
These implications I have accepted
Track Name: Parada
Per the agreement he'll watch a bus drive onto the lawn
It'll let a bunch of people out
While a figure chops at roots of trees with an axe
Something'll bite him real good
And an unfamiliar woman will want to take his picture
As he leans against a post
Bread tube hot dogs got his hands full
Blocking rat holes up with steel wool
For carpet burn healing he's hopeful
And he's got a look on his face that could easily be accompanied by the words
Accoutrement! Accoutrement!
With one or two items he's seen to
Free to blare away to himself
What are you to her now
Once she'd wake up at 3:00, and start rambling about God
He'd squeeze her tight, hands running through her straight auburn hair
When he left town she couldn't go back to that apartment for days
Still on the floor were those things for him she'd wear
A stupid road map of sore eyes
A stupid road map of reddened itchy eyes
Track Name: The Gargler
I am for you
And you shall see
Of all I find distasteful
There's no need to remind me
Pour down, a thousand eyes staring back
The gargler's a card and he needs to be dealt with
Like the water passes from the tap to the drain
You get out at the station and you and hop on a train
Try and live like normal people for a couple of days
Slope on through a cobblestone street
All out in the cold while good friends are asleep
She'd write, hello boss
Is everything ok with the girls
I mean is it fine, alright, is it everything
I looked at the woman and the woman looked at me
Glaring spots of disinterest
Internment levels of lassitude
Make a bigger fool out of myself than the usual
Track Name: To the Woods That I Know
Slunk out to the country
To the woods that I know
Slithering between my ears
And atop my head
I certainly wish
I'd done something better instead
Could've ran a needle through the stye
Though I got carried away in the prime of my life
Squirming around in my hands
Until my time is through
Walking's all I could proficiently do
Track Name: Give Me the Mouth
We are not in a room
Bawling and cursing
And eating the same thing with one plastic spoon
We are in a room much like this place
Yeah he will be a wild man, the one who caused me to wander away
He will dwell where it pleases him
And walk the halls of his home in peace
Therefore I must return to be sporting
To play with dangerous tools
To partake in mountaineering
To participate in the Triple Crown
To be a sport and oblige

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